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Meet seth

Seth playing guitar

Seth Arp, owner and Chief Shredder, founded Seth Shreds at the beginning of 2021. The inception of the idea came after a Friendsgiving in 2019. Seeing the joy on his friends' faces after biting into his homemade pulled pork sandwiches inspired him to think about one day opening a food joint specializing in barbecue fare. One evening, while exercising his graphic design skills creating a mockup menu, Seth started seriously pursuing the business and building out a plan.

Some of his creative and entrepreneurial spirit can likely be attributed to his mother. She was a wedding cake baker who ran her own home bakery, "I Do" Cakes by Betty, for over 20 years. Employed as a volunteer taste tester, Seth was able to eat any cake that was trimmed off before final decoration. Like her cakes, many of his mother's dishes were made simply by the idea that some ingredients might go well together. Admiring her creativity and ingenuity, he started to try this approach as well, often using random ingredients in the kitchen to create snacks, sandwiches, and other dishes.

Seth grew up on a farm in south-central Wisconsin, where he would raise and exhibit cattle and pigs at fairs around the state and country. His passion for agriculture runs deep. Seth currently works in ag marketing and makes trips down to Missouri to help his father on their family's 4th generation cattle farm. When he's not at a desk, on the farm, or in the kitchen, Seth can be found shredding guitar and singing for the rock duo Ego Mechanics, as well as his instrumental solo project Lunar Statues.

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