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sandwich flavors are on a rotating basis.
please ask about availability before ordering.

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Stairway to Heaven

A classic. Sink your teeth into juicy pork coated with a sweet & smoky dry rub. Top it of with Seth's sweet & tangy "Ooo Baby Sauce" and Purple Haze Slaw, and you'll be ascending that stairway to flavor bliss!

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strawberry fields forever

Let this take you down because you're going to love this. Pulled pork drizzled with a tantalizing spicy strawberry basil sauce topped with crumbled goat cheese.

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Purple rain

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to try this pork topped with a hot, sweet and savory blueberry & red onion jam. One bite and feel your tastebuds go crazy!

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Bold  as love

Bold flavors abound in this sandwich. First, we coat it with an ancho chile coffee rub, then add an espresso bourbon sauce and cap it with honey-glazed shishito peppers

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SWeet home chicago

A taste of one of Chicago's famous food staples - The Chicago Dog - will make you reminisce about nights at the ballpark!  Beer-braised pork with a Chicago dog-style relish. Absolutely no ketchup here!

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Flaming locks of auburn, this Nashville Hot flavored pork topped with lettuce, bread & butter pickles, and spicy aioli is beyond compare!

customize your sandwich


Stripped down. Just sauce, just toppings or neither


The full band. sauce, toppings and all

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extra hot

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