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chicago's new destination  for unique barbecue!

Seth Shreds is a music-themed pop-up food joint specializing in eclectic slow-cooked barbecue sandwiches. Like music, we believe that food should do two things: provide an unforgettable experience and connect people. Our food aims to do just that.

We collaborate with local chefs and experts in ethnic and regional cuisine to ensure all recipes honor the traditions and cultures from which they are inspired.


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Core Values


We will show respect to our patrons, our partners, our community, and our planet.


We will be a force of good by serving our community and working together to make it better.


We will provide authentic food and encourage people to be their authentic selves.

we give a hock!

At Seth Shreds, we care about giving back and supporting our community. That's why we plan to donate our day's leftover food to local homeless shelters, as well as a share of our revenue to various local organizations.

We are also open to collaborating with and supporting other local non-profit organizations to help promote their causes.


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